Information search: Guidance

Workshops for thesis writers

To whom: Laurea students who are working on their thesis

Timetable and instructions on how to sign up for workshops (workshops in English)

Timetable and instructions on how to sign up for workshops (workshops in Finnish)

Self help materials

New library user guide

How to get started. Basic information about library services and practicalities.

Modern information landscape - search, find, succeed

Self-study material on searching for information from Laurea Library resources and the internet. Topics include also images, evaluating, open access and ethical use of information.

Article search ABC

How to find (academic) articles

Personal information search guidance

The guidance is given online by Laurea Library information specialists

To whom: Laurea students and staff.

Search Tips in a Quarter: Do you need information just now, but can’t find it? Let’s solve this problem together, join us for a brief session. If you need a more thorough guidance in information sources and retrieval, book an hour guidance on your own field.

Study Field Based Guidance: We’ll look into various search tools, where and how to find information. Then you will be more prepared to find relevant books, articles, and open material to meet your information needs.

Open Resources and their Use: Where can you find open publications, pictures, educational resources? What does it mean that material is open? How about CC-licenses? Let’s go together into the world of open resources.


Infografic of information searching guidance in Laurea

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