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Physiotherapy: Visible Body English

Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 2020

' 'Laurea staff and students have an access to Visble Body Human Anatomy Atlas by Ovid. Human Anatomy Atlas is a comprehensive 3D-visualization on human anatomy and physiology. The material can be downloaded through web browser to a computer or by downloading the application to a mobile device. (Note! Newest Android devices are not supported) The license to use the Human Anatomy Atlas -mobile application is valid 150 days at a time. When using the application through web browser it has to be downloaded every time.

Using Visible Body mobile device application

Visible Body is available for iOS and Android operating systems. Check system requirements. Note that the newest Android devices are not supported. The application can be downloaded to several devices. When downloaded using the instructions below the application can be used outside Laurea wireless network and without a network connection.


Download the application on campus

Download application logging into Laurea wireless network

  • Connect your device to the Laurea wireless network.
  • Make sure that downloading the application happens connected to the Laurea wireless network. You can take mobile data off from the phone before downloading.

►Download application from Visible Body website

  • Check the storage space of your device. The application takes a lot of space.
  • Download and install the Human Anatomy Atlas 2020 application.
  • Application must be reopened in the Laurea wireless network every five months for the app to remain active. If the application status expires delete the app and download again.


Download the application off Campus


  • Go to Human Anatomy Atlas application page through this link.
  • Choose Off Campus.
  • Choose Human Anatomy Atlas 2020 application
  • Enter Laurea email address and you will receive a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code and you will receive a user id and a password to your screen and email.
  • Download using the link that is provided.
  • Sign in using the username and password.

QR-code to the mobile app.

'QR-code to the mobile app'

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