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Accessibility: E-books and e-journals

Listen to e-books: Ebook Central

Ebook Central does not offer an embedded text-to-speech tool. You can listen to ebooks by using Text to speech mode built into or available in different browsers. Ebook Central has an option Accessibility mode, which should be turned on when using a screen reader.  It is turned on  under settings- profile. See instructions in the video below.

More information on making reading easier can be found from the Accessibility Statement.

Video: University of Worcester Library Services

Listen to e-articles

E-articles are usually  in PDF or HTML format. Formats differ in accessibility. Many article databases have their own inbuilt text-to-speech tools and possibilities to optimize the text. Databases develop constantly, check the possibilites how to make your reading easier!


If the article is in HTML-format, you can use Ebsco's own Text-to-speech -feature. Under the Listen-button you can adjust for example the highlighting, word color, speed, text size. 

PDF-articles can be listened with the PDF-reader tool in most cases. Download the article before listening. 


Open the article with the 'Full text' -tab to HTML-format. There is a Text to speech -player  before the full text. It is not possible to adjust the listening. Note! Not all articles provide the player. 

PDF-articles can be listened with the PDF-reader tool in most cases. Download the article before listening. 

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