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Accessibility: Tips for reading

Laurea Library materials and accessibility


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Web accessibility enables everyone to use web content and services regardless of individual differences. Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities. Many accessibility features, like listening to text or optimation of webpages, can help any student in their learning process.

This guide explains how to use Laurea Library's resources in an accessible way. The emphasis is on listening to text. You will also find information about other tools to help your reading and where to find support if you face learning problems.

You are welcome to contact Laurea Library with any questions on accessibility of our resources. 

Listen and read

There are various aids that enable you to listen to texts on the screen. Browsers have built-in text-to-speech features that can be used with web pages, e-books and e-articles. Mobile devices have usually built-in listening modes. There are also special screen reader programs, which can be  downloaded for free or purchased. These are mainly aimed at visually impaired

Some screen readers are gesture-based or navigation is done by using the keyboard. You need to practice before use.

Special library Celia provides a comprehensive list of listening and reading aids

Mobile devices

Mobiles have both native text-to-speech features and gesture-based screen-readers, which need practice  as the gesture commands differ. The reading aids can generally be found under Settings. Note, the paths and options depend on the mobile device's version and manufacturer. 

Android devices:

iOS devices:


Activating listening varies according to browsers. Some browsers use add-ons, some direct mouse commands. There are differences how the listening works on webpages or e-material services due to programming. But it is worth trying out on the resources you are reading.  

A video Listening to e-resources shows how to use Edge. Oulu university (CC-BY-SA)

Other listening aids


Support for Laurea students

Laurea offers study support for students with special study needs. 

  • Student Social Counsellor: learning techniques, self-management
  • Special Education Teacher: challenges in studying and learning, motivation
  • Study Support Teachers: on own campus, main focus on language and communication
  • Personal Tutor: study progress
  • Library: accessibility features of provided material

Contact us!

Find the contact information from Laurea student intranet.

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