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E-books: How to find and use

Laurea Library acquires e-books through several different e-book services. This page tells you where to find Laurea licensed e-books and gives instructions for using them.

How to find e-books

Laurea library licensed e-books can be found through Laurea Finna or through the e-book services' own search interfaces.

Laurea Finna's search covers all Laurea licensed Finnish e-books and most Laurea licensed English e-books. However it's recommended to search English e-books through the e-book services's own search interfaces. English e-books are indexed to Laurea Finna with very little information (often only the title and author) whereas in e-book services' own search interfaces you can search the full text of the e-books.

Submitting a purchase request . If an important e-book is missing from our collection, you can leave a purchase request by email: library(at)

Downloading e-books

Most library licenced  e-books can be downloaded for a limited time to a PC, Mac or mobile device. Downloading is supported by Ebook Central, EBSCOhost and VLeBooks.

Downloadable e-books are copy-protected with Adobe's digital rights management (DRM) software. Therefore, before reading the books, the user must install a reading software that supports DRM protection on his device. Use Adobe Digital Editions on PC and Mac computers. Use Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader on mobile devices.

Downloading the reading software to a mobile device (Android / iPad / iPhone)

Downloading the reading software for PC or Mac

  • Create an Adobe account at  (not required)
  • Download Adobe Digital Editions. If you want, authorize your device with Adobe credentials. On PC and Mac authorization can be bypassed.
  • Note! Laurea's staff can download Adobe Digital Editions onto Laurea's workstations by themselves via Laurea Software Center. Click  the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the desktop and type software center. You can download Adobe Digital Editions from the Applications tab of the Software Center. If you have problems in downloading, contact Laurea's IT support at servicedesk[at]


See also: Detailed instructions for downloading e-books by ProQuest

Printing and copying pages

Printing and copying rights vary by service and book. If printing and copying is allowed, you can usually print / copy only part of the content of a book for your personal use only.


Some e-books may not have page numbers marked or page numbers may change depending on the font size used for viewing. In these cases it is preferable to use the chapter or section of the book in the in-text reference. See the instructions of how to refer to e-books at Laurea guidelines for referencing.

Listening to e-books

Have a look at Accessibility LibGuide to find out how to listen to e-books with different Laurea Library licensed e-book services.

Terms of use and remote access

""Laurea licensed e-resources are marked with Laurea logo. Using licensed e-resources outside Laurea's network requires logging in with Laurea username and password (Haka login). Within Laurea's network licensed e-resources can in most cases be used without logging in.

Terms of use of each licensed e-resource can be found by clicking the copyright icon located after the name of the e-resource.

International e-book collections

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