Reference management: Other reference management systems

Reference management systems

There are many reference management systems available that can replace RefWorks. You can read more about them e.g. in this Wikipedia article.

Laurea Library assists with exporting references from RefWorks to Zotero reference management system



  • Zotero is free to use and based on open source code
  • Zotero is available for desktop and/or browser based use
  • Desktop version saves your references to your computer and you can use your references offline. Creating a Zotero account is not necessary.
  • Browser based use requires creating a Zotero account. References will be saved in Zotero's cloud in USA.
  • By synchronizing the desktop version to your Zotero account, your references will be saved both to your computer and in Zotero's cloud in USA.
  • Zotero account is needed if you wish to share your references with other users
  • Zotero integrates to word processors (MS Word, LibreOffice, Google Docs)
  • There a more than 9000 reference styles available.


  • Zotero Privacy Policy
  • If you create a Zotero account, note that your data will be saved to a server in USA where EU GDPR regulation does not apply. Avoid saving sensitive data to Zotero.

Zotero installing & account

Installing Zotero & creating an account

  • Laurea staff can install Zotero desktop version to Laurea's computers from Laurea SoftWare Center.
  • To a private computer Zotero can be downloaded from
  • During the Zotero download an extension will normally be automatically added to your word processor. If this doesn't happen, you can download the extension later manually from Zotero homepage
  • Create an account, if you want to use Zotero online. Account is also needed if you want to share references with other Zotero users.
  • If you use both desktop version and browser version, synchronize them in the desktop version. Choose EditPreferencesSync Settings. Add Username and Password and choose Sync automatically.
  • Optional. Zotero Connector is a useful browser extension that helps you to import references directly from webpages and library catalogues. If you like, you can download it to your browser from Zotero homepage.

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