Reference management: Exporting references from RefWorks to Zotero

Exporting references from New RefWorks to Zotero

Exporting references from New RefWorks to Zotero

Download Zotero and open it. (Laurea staff can download Zotero to Laurea's computers from Laurea Software Center)

If you wish to export your whole RefWorks reference library without the file structure, do it from All References file. If you want to keep the file structure, export file by file.

  1. Go to RefWorks and sign in
  2. Move to the file that you wish to export (All References or a single file).
  3. Choose Share and Export references.
    RefWorksin ylävalikko, jossa on valittuna All References -kansio ja Share-valikko on näkyvissä.
  4. Choose RIS Format as the format. Click Export.
    Export References -valikko, jossa on valittuna All references in All References ja Format-valikossa RIS Format.
  5. Next step depends on your browser:
    1. If your browser opens a menu which has a Open with option, choose Open with Zotero
      Ponnahdusikkuna, jossa valittuna Open with Zotero

      In next window choose Import into new collection and click OK.
      Valikko, jossa kysytään "Do you want to import the file "export.ris"? Valittavana on Import into new collection".
    2. If the export.ris file opens directly to your computer, go to Zotero and choose Import from the File menu (top left corner). Next choose  A file (BibTex, RIS, Zotero RDF, etc.) and click Next.
      Zoteron Import-valikko, jossa on valittuna A file (BibTex, RIS, Zotero RDF, etc.). Paina Next.

      Fetch the file that you just saved on your computer. In next window choose Place imported collections and items into new collection and Copy files to the Zotero storage folder.
      Valintaruutu, jossa valitaan tallennetaanko viitteet uuteen kokoelmaan ja tallennetaanko tiedosto myös Zoteron omaan kansioon.  

Exporting from Legacy RefWorks

Exporting references from Legacy RefWorks (old RefWorks) to Zotero

  1. Go to Legacy RefWorks and sign in
  2. Choose the file you want to export
  3. From References file choose Export. Choose Selected, Page or All in List.
  4. From Export Format choose Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite)
  5. Click Export References
  6. Copy and paste to Notepad. In Notepad change the file name end to .ris. Save the file.
  7. Open Zotero
  8. From top left corner click File -> Import


If you have problems with exporting references to Zotero, contact Laurea Library.

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