Reference management: RefWorks subscription ends

RefWorks subscription ends

  • Laurea RefWorks subscription comes to an end 31.12.2021 due the changes in subscription terms.
  • RefWorks user, save your references from RefWorks before 31.12.2021!

Save references

  • If you want to use the references you have saved in RefWorks, you have to export and save them before 31.12.2021.
  • You can save them to your computer as a file or export them to another reference management system
  • If you want to save the file structure you have in RefWorks, export the references file by file
  • PDF files can not be exported automatically. You'll have to save them manually.
  • Tags added to references are not included in the export file. If needed they have to be added manually again.

RefWorks and Word processing programs

  • The linking between RefWorks and e.g. MS Word can not be exported to any other reference management tool
  • Save your unfinished job without having a linking to RefWorks and continue writing by adding the references manually

Two versions of RefWorks

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