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Searching printed materials

Library collections

You can search for printed materials on each UAS's own Finna search service.


The links below take you to all the different e-resources that UAS libraries have acquired for students. E-resources include for example article databases, newspaper databases, statistical databases and dictionaries.

Library e-resource guides

There are a lot of e-resources and using them might feel difficult, but e-resource guides can help you. They offer information on the content of databases and instruct in searching information. Field specific guides introduce the best resources in a certain field.

E-resources terms of use

What licensed e-resources are

UAS libraries pay license fees for different e-resources. Typical licensed e-resources are for example e-books, journal and article databases and various encyclopedias and portals.

Who can use the licensed e-resources

  • In the library

Anyone visiting the library can use licensed resources on library computers, because on UAS network they are free to use. Please note! Ebook Central and Ellibs online books always require login with personal Laurea credentials.

  • Remotely

Remote access to licensed e-resources, for example from home, is only possible by signing in with your user ID. This means that you will sign in to your own UAS online library and then get access to its e-resources.

Terms of use

You can learn about the terms of use of each e-resource on the FinELib website, on the websites of individual resources or by asking from the library.

User IDs

Each UAS's IT services are in charge of the user IDs.

Instructions on user IDs

Questions about user IDs

Please note! Make sure that you tell your name, name of your own UAS and what courses you're taking. Use your own UAS e-mail address.


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